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Aerial Asset Inspections

Delta Drone International’s drone asset inspections service enable greater preparation, planning and progress monitoring with our array of aerial modelling and dynamic site viewing solutions. Our drone inspection services are conducted in Australia by our subsidiary Rocketmine

Drone Inspection Services:

Cover larger areas, faster

Drones for industrial asset inspections are a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft and deliver information much faster than traditional methods, reducing delivery times and reduced costs. Deploying on-site added with greater flexibility puts the client in control.

Go where humans can’t reach

Hazardous areas are easily accessed through a drone aerial asset inspections, limiting the risk to staff or the use of specialised hazardous equipment.

Protect your assets

Limited resources = limited safety risk
Drone asset inspections enable you to get closer to the object, no matter how hot or how high

Make faster business decisions

Aerial asset inspections provide live assessments enabling quick decision making from anywhere and reducing the risk of accidents. This allows for prompt attention to issues, avoiding potential downtime.


We can examine a given reference object to 3cm/GSD accuracy using photogrammetry with the intent to find faults, errors, problems, malfunctions, or other specific phenomena that might affect the functioning of that object.

Typical drone inspection services

  • Thermogram Orthomap
  • Geo-reference high resolution images
  • Perfect camera position (5-60°)
  • Capture RGB + IR at the same time
  • Routine Asset Inspection
  • Condition Surveys
  • Evaluate damage and fatigue
  • Plan & schedule maintenance work
  • Robust stability in strong winds
  • Immediate fault detection
  • High-resolution images and HD recordings
  • Multispectral outputs available
Other use cases
  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Oil & Gas pipeline inspections
  • Power line/cable inspections
  • Railroad and line inspections
  • And much more
Solar Farm and Solar Panel Drone Asset Inspections

As Australia continues to invest and lead the global development in solar power generation, the need to conduct aerial asset inspections regularly is crucial for maintenance and ensuring peak efficiency of critical infrastructure.

DLTI’s Rocketmine team conducts high resolution visual and thermal inspection of solar panel arrays. By conducting aerial asset inspections with a sensor positioned at an angle from (5-60°), Rocketmine is able to produce high resolution RGB and thermals images that can be used to produce orthomosaic maps, maps, that can be used to identify three major common issues:

  • Panel faults – hot spots and deterioration in individual panels of a solar array which can cause reduction in output of the entire array segment. These include shattered or dirty panels, diode faults, panel coating or fogging problems and overheating of junction boxes.
  • String and array faults – issues affecting an entire array including an offline string, faulty wiring, charge controller failures, inverter faults and blown fuses.
  • Ground management – invasive weeds, ground cover variations and ground transit safety issues across the solar farm.
Infrastructure and Construction Drone Inspections

As the world’s largest asset class, real estate leaders are increasingly looking to drones to provide efficient, cost effective aerial asset inspections that can provide useful and actionable data for the entire value. From routine building inspections to condition surveys, damage and fatigue evaluations and providing an ability to plan and schedule work.

Using optical and thermal camera sensors our aerial systems are capable of close visual inspections of building roofs and facades to quickly spot defects such as leaks, damaged tiles, brick work, corrosion, concrete cancer, cracks & window structural issues. By deploying RGB, thermal and LiDAR sensor, real estate developers, asset owners and investors have vast amounts of actionable data that can improve safety, create efficiencies, speed up development and conduct routine maintenance.

Key Tasks
  • Routine Asset Inspection
  • Condition Surveys
  • Evaluate damage and fatigue
  • Plan & schedule maintenance work
Wind Turbine Aerial Drone Inspections

The ability produce close up aerial inspections of wind turbine generator blades is crucial to detecting damage and preventing unanticipated downtime. Located in remote locations and difficult to access terrains, Wind Farms are a key component to a country’s energy mix.


DLTI’s expert aerial asset inspection team is able to conduct missions in these dangerous and complex environments. By deploying advanced UAVs equipped with multiple sensors including RGB, Thermal and LiDAR, DLT is able to produce data that can help to identify emerging cracks and other defects that can lead to turbine damage and downtime.

Key Benefits
  • Robust stability in strong winds
  • Immediate fault detection
  • High-resolution images and HD recordings
  • Multispectral outputs available (RGB, Thermal and LiDAR)

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