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Enterprise Drone Asset Inspection

Delta Drone International’s drone inspection services enable greater preparation, planning and progress monitoring with our array of aerial modelling and dynamic site viewing solutions.

Professional aerial asset inspection
reduces risks and increases rewards

Cover larger areas, faster

Drones for industrial inspection are a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft and deliver information much faster than traditional methods, reducing delivery times and reduced costs. Deploying on-site added with greater flexibility puts the client in control.

Go where humans can’t reach

Hazardous areas are easily accessed through a drone aerial inspection, limiting the risk to staff or the use of specialised hazardous equipment.

Protect your assets

Limited resources = limited safety risk
Drone inspections enable you to get closer to the object, no matter how hot or how high

Make faster business decisions

Drone inspections provide live assessments enabling quick decision making from anywhere and reducing the risk of accidents. This allows for prompt attention to issues, avoiding potential downtime.


We can examine a given reference object to 3cm/GSD accuracy using photogrammetry with the intent to find faults, errors, problems, malfunctions, or other specific phenomena that might affect the functioning of that object.

Typical industrial inspection applications

Solar Inspection (photovoltaic)
  • Thermogram Orthomap
  • Geo-reference high resolution images
  • Perfect camera position (5-60°)
  • Capture RGB + IR at the same time
  • Routine Asset Inspection
  • Condition Surveys
  • Evaluate damage and fatigue
  • Plan & schedule maintenance work
  • Robust stability in strong winds
  • Immediate fault detection
  • High-resolution images and HD recordings
  • Multispectral outputs available
Other use cases
  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Oil & Gas pipeline inspections
  • Power line/cable inspections
  • Railroad and line inspections
  • And much more

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