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Agriculture Drone Services

Precision agriculture and farming are the future. We turn pixel into profit through a range of agriculture drone services including crop monitoring, plant-counting, pest-detection, weather monitoring, yield forecasting and more.

Taking an aerial approach using drone technology provides precise, geo-referenced and spatially dense data on plant populations. This is done speedily over large areas; removes human bias and decreases errors with advanced algorithms.

Delta Drone International subsidiary RocketFarm provides drone and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the Agricultural and Renewable Energy sectors.

Experience matters and whatever agriculture drone service requirements you may have, RocketFarm understands what it takes to deliver highly accurate crop data, with speed, precision, and expertise.

Drone Crop Monitoring

Applications of Agriculture Drone Services

  • Canopy analysis
  • Solar inspections
  • Drought analysis
  • Waterlogging analysis
  • Flowering estimator
  • Nitrogen status in crops
  • Plant stress analysis
  • Weed analysis
  • Yield estimations
  • Stand count report
  • Plant disease analysis
  • Plant population
  • Livestock counts
  • Pest analysis
  • Soil quality
  • Crop Monitoring
  • Optimising fertilisation
  • Forest health
  • Precision crop monitoring
  • Solar inspection
  • CSP Inspection

RocketFarm’s current clients include Bayer, Syngenta, and Pioneer and the company is active across operations in South Africa, Zambia, Australia and growing.

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