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Enterprise Drone Service
Provider for Global Industries

Delta Drone International’s enterprise drone services solve real-world problems across a diverse range of industry verticals.

We understand what your company needs

We can help turn pixel into profit across your projects with our enterprise done services, including:

  • Survey and Mapping
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Digital Twin
  • 3D Modelling
  • Blasting and Monitoring
  • Thermal and Powerline Inspections
  • Solar Inspections
  • Wind Turbine Inspections
  • Precision Crop Monitoring
  • Livestock Counts
  • Silo Inspections
  • Drought Analysis
  • Waterlogging Analysis
  • Training and Accreditation
  • And much more

The Industries we Serve

We continue to re-invent and re-imagine the vast application of our Drones-as-a-Service platform and the sectors that benefit.

Enable greater site preparation, planning and construction progress monitoring with our array of aerial modelling and dynamic site viewing solutions. Learn More
Powering the future of energy through drone technology; assisting alternative energy operators in identifying leaks, cracks or other risks in their assets. Learn More
Power your mine’s value chain from start to end with our data acquisition solutions; from survey & mapping, blast monitoring & high wall mapping. Learn More
Precision Agriculture and farming for the future. Turning pixel into profit through plant-counting, pest-detection, weather monitoring and yield forecasting. Learn More
Saving lives through technology. Delivering medicine and lifesaving supplies quickly, safely and to unreachable locations. Learn More
Monitor progress, interact remotely and maximise production of your site with regular drone inspections, 3-D modelling and digital twin creation. Learn More
Proactive monitoring and surveillance of high-risk locations and perimeter areas. Keeping you, your people and your property safe. Learn More

Our Brands

Our Enterprise solutions are proudly powered through these global brands

Drones-as-a-Service Provider for Mining, Engineering, Construction, Security, Oil and Gas sectors

  • Survey and Highwall Mapping, Blast Monitoring, Modelling, Digital Twin, Thermal and Powerline Inspections, Security and Surveillance
  • Clients include South32, Anglo American and China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)
  • Operations in South Africa, Ghana, Namibia, Australia and growing

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Providing UAV and Artificial Intelligence solutions for the Agricultural and Renewable Energy sectors

  • Precision Crop Monitoring, Livestock Counts, Solos Inspections
  • Clients include Bayer, Syngenta and Pioneer
  • Operations in South Africa, Zambia and growing

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Autonomous Safety Systems That Enable Flights Over People And Urban Drone Operations

  • Smart parachute systems that monitor commercial drone flights real time, identify critical failures, and provide autonomous emergency triggers
  • Clients include: Verizon Media, CNN, Hensel Phelps and Motor Trend Group
  • Global product distribution in EMEA, LATAM, APAC, NA

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Drone Training for Enterprise.

  • Open Courses in Remote Pilot License training
  • In-House Customised Drone Programmes
  • Africa’s first combined University and Drone Courses
  • OEM and CAA Accreditation

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